Baltimore is a city with a rich history and a vibrant economy. It is also a city that is undergoing a period of rapid growth, making it an attractive place for investors who are looking to buy commercial real estate.  Here are some of the reasons why Baltimore is a great place to buy commercial real estate:

Affordable prices: Baltimore is one of the most affordable cities in the United States, making it a great place to buy commercial real estate. The average price per square foot for commercial space in Baltimore is about $150, which is significantly lower than the national average of $200.

Strong economy: Baltimore has a strong economy that is supported by a diverse range of industries. The city is home to the headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies, and it is also a major transportation hub.

Growing population: The population of Baltimore is growing, which is creating demand for commercial space. The city’s population is expected to grow by 2% by 2025, which will create an additional need for 1.5 million square feet of commercial space.

Strategic location: Baltimore is located in a strategic location, making it a great place to do business. The city is located on the Chesapeake Bay, which provides easy access to international markets. Baltimore is also only a short drive from Washington, D.C., which is a major economic center.

Revitalization efforts: Baltimore is undergoing a period of revitalization, which is creating new opportunities for businesses. The city is investing in its infrastructure and its downtown area, which is attracting new businesses and residents.

If you are looking to buy commercial real estate, Baltimore is a great place to consider. The city offers a number of advantages, including affordable prices, a strong economy, a growing population, a strategic location, and revitalization efforts.  Check out active listings to see some amazing active opportunities currently available.

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Ryan Lombardi

Ryan is a member of the Avenue Real Estate team and an expert in Baltimore and the DC metro area.