In today’s dynamic commercial real estate (CRE) market, leveraging technology isn’t just an option—it’s imperative. From data analytics to virtual reality, these tools help investors identify profitable opportunities and streamline decision-making. Here’s a closer look at how technology including artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming CRE investments, and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Tech Can Help Improve CRE Investments

Data-Driven Insights: From Hunches to Certainties
– Virtual Tours and 3D Visualization: Travel Less, See More
–  Blockchain for Seamless, Secure Transactions
– AI and Machine Learning for Risk Assessment
– Property Management Automation: Streamlining Operations

Data-Driven Insights: From Hunches to Certainties

The old days of relying solely on intuition and anecdotal evidence are long gone. Modern data analytics platforms like CoStar, Reonomy, and RCA (Real Capital Analytics) offer comprehensive insights into property trends, market changes, and investment performance. For instance, CoStar’s extensive database provides information on over 5 million commercial properties, letting investors analyze regional vacancy rates, rental trends, and comparable sales.

Predictive analytics goes even further, using historical data and AI to identify emerging markets before they become saturated. One now famous example of this happened recently in New York, where predictive models showed rental trends shifting toward Brooklyn even before the real estate boom became apparent.

Virtual Tours and 3D Visualization: Travel Less, See More

Virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualization have made property evaluation much more efficient. Many commercial and residential brokerages are starting to record these videos themselves or hire third parties who specialize in them. Matterport’s 3D tours allow investors to “walk through” properties remotely, saving time and travel expenses. This technology provides comprehensive visuals, from floor plans to intricate design details, ensuring that investors can scrutinize every aspect of a property from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain for Seamless, Secure Transactions

Blockchain isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer for secure real estate transactions. It offers tamper-proof digital ledgers that streamline property transfers, reduce fraud, and speed up cross-border transactions. Propy, for example, has enabled international investors to purchase properties in the U.S. directly using blockchain technology. By employing smart contracts, blockchain simplifies the purchase process by reducing intermediaries and ensuring that transaction terms are executed accurately.

AI and Machine Learning for Risk Assessment

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are reshaping risk assessment in CRE investments. With these technologies, investors can analyze market trends, assess tenant quality, and predict vacancies or defaults. Deepblocks is a great example of a company that uses AI to analyze zoning regulations, demographic data, and market trends to guide development projects toward maximum profitability. Furthermore, machine learning algorithms can study tenant behavior and market fluctuations to predict potential risks and opportunities. We will have a more comprehensive look at AI in CRE in an upcoming post, so watch this space!

Property Management Automation: Streamlining Operations

Property management software like Yardi, Buildium, and AppFolio automates rent collection, financial reporting, and maintenance requests. This enhances tenant satisfaction while reducing administrative costs.

Meanwhile, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows building systems to be managed remotely. For instance, intelligent thermostats and sensors help monitor energy consumption, which can be analyzed to optimize energy use and reduce costs. A Deloitte report noted that predictive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs by 5-10% and response time by 20-50%.


Technology is redefining commercial real estate investment. Data analytics, VR, blockchain, AI, and automation are all essential tools for making smarter investment decisions. By understanding these tools and combining their use with the expertise of a local brokerage, investors can enhance their portfolios, reduce risk, and achieve better returns in the CRE investments.

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