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What We Do


We represent tenants looking for retail, office, and industrial space.


We asist landlords in unlocking their property’s potential.


We facilitate the aquisition and sale of commercial real estate.

Tenant Representation

Avenue Real Estate LLC helps tenants identify and align business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Whether we are providing clients with acquisition, renewal, relocation, or consolidation services, Avenue Real Estate LLC’s Tenant Representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of local markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities.

Tenant Representation services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analyses, and negotiations. Our brokers can also integrate, Project Management, Facilities Management, and Lease Administration.

We work with tenants around the region, meeting requirements that span a single location or nationwide portfolio as well as a renewal or relocation.

Landlord Representation

On behalf of owners our specialists in the Landlord Representation area optimise existing tenancy agreements, market spaces in existing property and new build projects and position real estate optimally for the next period of use on the relevant letting market throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

Our aim is a strictly objective consultancy service with individual solutions in line with market requirements. Hereby we in addition ensure intensive existing tenant support and tenant satisfaction and demonstrably increase the average length of occupancy of the tenants. We resolve the difficulties associated with property management from a distance by our local presence unrivalled in comparison with competitors.

Our market expertise, many years of contacts as well as our passion for real estate and good advice form an important added value for our clients.

Investor Representation

Whether you are going straight into commercial real estate investing or ready to advance from residential to larger, more profitable deals, there are many pros to taking the plunge and investing. However, rushing into big deals or making rash decisions regarding buying properties, could be risky and even disastrous, putting you further into debt without making profits.

Successful ventures involve efforts in research, developing the right connections in the industry and most importantly, identifying the right type of investment.

Listed below are some positive reasons to invest:

  • Income potential: the most convincing reason to enter into investment sales in the commercial market versus the residential market is the earning potential. Commercial properties typically have a higher annual return off the purchase price possibly between 6-12% compared to residential homes which can be much lower at 1-4%. All of these factors and percentages are dependent upon the area.
  • Flexibility in lease terms: you will have more flexibility in your lease since there are fewer consumer protection laws governing commercial leases in comparison to the many state laws that govern residential leases with security deposits and termination rules.
  • Triple net leases there are many variations to triple net leases but the general idea is that the property owner is typically not responsible for the property maintenance or the real estate taxes on the property which is normally paid by the lessee. The only expense you may be responsible for is your mortgage on the property.
  • Price evaluations more objective it can be easier to evaluate the prices of commercial property simply because there is a paper trail from the current owner’s income statement. With the help of an experienced broker, the asking price should be set so the investor can earn close to the area’s current cap rate for the commercial property they are interested in.

Taking into account all these positive reasons to invest will assist you in choosing the right property which best suits your needs for a successful venture.

Who We Are

Ross Conn

Ross Conn


Ross is a co-founder and Principal Broker of Avenue and has 11 years of experience in real estate. He is responsible for sourcing new investments and leasing for a local developer as well as overseeing the brokerage services working with landlords, investors and tenants in the Baltimore/ Washington DC market.

Kyle Leibowitz

Kyle Leibowitz


Kyle Leibowitz joined Avenue Real Estate in March of 2018 focusing on Landlord and Tenant representation in the Baltimore/DC metro area.

Jeremy Landsman

Jeremy Landsman

Business Development

Jeremy was born in NY, grew up in the DC metro area, and got his business degree from Towson University. He got started in real estate in 2002, and has completed hundreds of transactions – leasing, buying and selling commercial real estate.

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